This daddy bear plaque comes personalised with your cubs names on each bear. The plaques come in a choice of coloured acrylic. The wording is vinyl so is slightly raised from the acrylic. Each cub will be attached to the plaque using hand tied satin ribbon.

This plaque can be personalised to your family so please contact me if you require more personalised cubs than the variations shown or different coours like the example shown. It is also available in a range of colours. The example shown is Delphinium blue. Plaque length sizes are as follows:
2 names – 146mm
3 names – 225mm
4 names – 303mm
5 names – 382mm
6 names – 460mm


All of my items are custom made to order so please see current processing times on the shop home before ordering.

Daddy bear plaque

Plaque size:

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